Happy Halloween!

Everyone stay safe and have fun! Our kiddos are going to be Spiderman and Strawberry Shortcake and they're very excited about today. We had lots of fun making cookies yesterday. They were shaped like pumkins, cats, bats and ghosts. We had flour all over the place and Daddy was taking pictures of us all making a big mess. Fun.

I also finished the painting that will be at our son's school fundraiser (silent auction). I painted the background and the center of the flower and the kindergartener's painted the petals (one each). I think it turned out well. We'll see how the bidding goes!

Finally feels like fall around here!

We've had several days of 'chilly' weather. It's about time! The weather inspired this little illustration. Our trees are still green (and will probably remain that way because of this crazy Texas weather!) but how can you say fall without orange/yellow/brown leaves? It just wouldn't seem right.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Another day, another doodle

We were challenged to a 15 minute doodle on a forum where I participate. This was the end result. Curious to note that I was the only one that didn't draw a person. I remember always drawing houses when I was little. Wonder what that means?

Brain overload

So here I am with a ton of work to do but with so many ideas running through my head that I can't even start on anything. I keep writing and sketching hoping to get it out of my system but it just keeps pouring out. Anyone have this problem?!

I've been going through illustration portfolios for a good part of the day. Artwork that struck a cord with me today: Holli Conger, Loobylu, Leslie Newman. All very cute!

I'm off to do some sketching of my own! My hand and brain just isn't stopping today. It's 1am and I'm still going at it.

Notice that this is two posts in a row! I just had to get some of this off my chest.


Life in general has kept me very busy. Still coming up with new ideas for A Little Hut and restructuring the site itself. I hope to have it up in November. Yeah! In the meantime I found this site called Liquid Paper and she makes the most adorable pins ever! Here's a picture of her owls. Toooooo cute!