What a bad blogger!

Not that anyone is reading but I need to post a little more often! Ha! I'm up at 4am (couldn't sleep anymore - never had that happen before!) so as soon as I'm done with this little post I'll continue my work on the block printing cards I'm making. I find it very soothing to carve out each illlustration and it's not as mechanical as cutting out a lot of paper.

On a more personal note... We wrote another story for The Adventures of Super Fork with my son yesterday and had lots of fun with it. This time Super Fork is out to rescue a train. Today we will probably be taking some pictures to illustrate this new adventure!

A lot going on

Well I'm back in the saddle again as they say! Been busy with a lot of family related activities but I'm ready to get my store stocked. I'm hoping that my new line of block printing cards will turn out to be as succesful as my cut paper versions. Only time and happy clients will tell!

Super Fork

We were all sitting at breakfast on Saturday morning when my 5yr old had his fork and blanky in one hand (yes, he's getting a little older for a blanky but actually it's a cloth diaper that he sleeps with as if it were a blanky - cloth diapers in our house were always used a burb cloth or a blanky). Where was I? Oh yes, he had his fork and blanky in one hand and it looked like the fork had a cape on. I told him the fork looked like a "Super Fork" and he thought that was really funny. One thing led to another and now he has a blog called The Adventures of Super Fork. I "interviewed" him for the first post. We already have a fork totally decorated as Super Fork and awaiting his first adventure, which we will record with photos. Stay tuned!